Teeing off August 2024

The Bays on Coleman is a luxury, 24-hour indoor golf facility in the heart of Old Mount Pleasant. We celebrate the heritage of golf while complementing green grass play with modern conveniences.

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The Bays Way

  • Elevated

    To achieve a clubhouse-grade experience, this facility is equipped with the same top of the line Trackman golf simulators PGA pros use for training alongside high-end furnishings complete with member lounge and wet bar.

  • Social

    Each Bay can host up to four players and can engage in cross-bay play. Regular league and tournament opportunities will be shared with members.

  • Private

    The space is thoughtfully designed to allow for a private experience when desired for training or solo play. There is a separate soundproof phone booth for private phone calls and work.

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Golf Cart Access | Easy Parking | Available 24/7/365 | Soundproof Phone Booth | Fully-Enclosed Privacy Bay